Junk Removal in Vancouver

vancouverjunkremoval2Welcome to our junk removal page for the city of Vancouver. We are a small company specializing in hauling services for residential and commercial clients.

Our junk removal services

We specialize in removal and disposal of household garbage, large appliances, recycling of electronics, furniture, waste management, and green waste.

What is the cost of junk disposal?

Cost is established on few variables. There are two types of rates. Single items rates, and large pick ups rates.

Single items rates are easy to determine. Most items, such as a couch, mattress, or a dining table, are priced at $90 per item. Each additional item is half-price. For example if you need a couch removal service, the cost will be $90. If you have a 2nd couch, then the rate will be in the area of $120.

If you have more than few items, then the rating system is based on volume, for the most part. Most hauling companies in Vancouver have 10 cubic yard trucks. To fill up one of those trucks, the cost ranges between $450 and $550. Half-load is half this rate. A quarter load is about $120.

How to schedule a pick up?

The best way to schedule an appointment, is to give us a call, or email us. We will have few questions for you in regards to your rubbish. Here are some of the questions that might be relevant to your case:

  • How much garbage do you have? Weight/Volume?
  • What kind of items do you have?
  • How far is your junk from the driveway or curb?
  • When is the best time for us to pay you a visit?

After answering few of those questions, we can agree on a good time for you, and we will be there as promised. Usually, we give you a 2 hour window. You should be at home at that time. Under some circumstances, we can pick up items from your property, even if you are not at home. However, they have to be outside your house.

Household junk disposal

This is the chief reason, most of our clients call us for. Most of the junk that comes out of residential properties, is on the household type. Some of the items are:

  • clothes
  • furniture
  • appliances
  • electronics
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • Fridge
  • books
  • Food

Most of the items will end up in the city landfill, but some will be destined to go to the recycling centre. For example cardboard, metal, appliances, electronics, and books will never be dumped with the rest of the trash.

Furniture removal and disposal

This is the type of service that involves us coming over your house and picking up items such as a couch, mattress, dining table, bed frame, entertainment unit, chairs, and dressers. Some items such as a mattress, and a boxspring, are recycled, since this is the by-law in Vancouver.

If you have a furniture for disposal, and you must have it outside your property, make sure it does stay dry. Wet and heavy furniture, will cost you extra fee for disposal.

Refrigerator disposal

This falls under the category of large appliances removal and recycling. All refrigerator and freezers are taken for recycling. All food has to be removed from your refrigerator, before we can pick it up.

Extra disposal fees

Under particular circumstances, extra fees may have to be applied. Here are few examples:

  • Labour cost – For a full load, you will get one hour of free labour. Any time spent after this hour, on loading your items, will add to the total cost.
  • Heavy junk – Some items can be of extremely heavy nature. For example tiles are much heavier than household garbage. In this case, extra fees will be added.
  • Urgent pick ups – This scenario involves when the client needs something picked up urgently. Usually on the same, or next day.

Lets cover some of these into details, so you can avoid such extra fees.

Since trash removal companies pay their guys hourly rates, they can’t give you a fix cost for labour. Once way to avoid these extra fees, is to make sure you have everything ready at the curb, or somewhere close to the road or driveway.

Hauling companies in Vancouver pay disposal fees at the North Shore Transfer Station. The disposal rates are based on the weight of the garbage brought to the station. Therefore, they operating expenses will jump significantly in a scenario where the client has a half-load of tiles, instead of half-load of household garbage. As a matter of a fact, it could increase by a magnitude of 2-3 times. Before you book the service, makes sure you mention if you have heavy items, such as tiles, concrete, heavy wood and so on.

Scheduling is done in such a fashion, that a minimum driving is done for each pick up. If we have to drive to your neighborhood just for on item, then obviously, we can’t charge you a low rate. To avoid this, we add clients from the same neighborhood in the same day, for a pick up. This way we spread the cost to more than one client. This can be achieved if you give us few days, before you need us to come by. To be save, even a week advance notice is a better idea.

How does our our junk removal company compare to other Vancouver vendors?

We are not the cheapest, and we are not trying to be. Focusing on cheap rates, is a slippery slope, and focus is taken away from quality. As a matter of a fact, it is a myth that there is such thing as a cheap trash removal service. Whoever claims to have such low rate, is either lying to clients, or they are about to go out of business soon. The industry is pretty well established, and the average rates are the best.

Do we recycle?

Yes we do. This saves us on the dumping fees and it keeps British Columbia clean and self sustainable. We recycle all the metal, electronics, appliances, books, drywall, clean wood,mattresses, and some plastics.


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