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The Junk Removal Guy is a small scale hauling business operating in Vancouver,BC. We believe in providing competitive rates without taking away from the quality of service.  There are no hidden fees, cancelled pickups, late arrivals, or any of the negative publicity the Rubbish Removal industry has build in Vancouver.

garbage on the streetsOur company believes in recycling and our policy is to take all the rubbish to the appropriate facilities. Items such as cardboard, mattresses and box springs, bottles, metal, large and small appliances, paint, batteries, and all electronics, are taken to recycling facilities in Vancouver. We also believe in donating furniture that is in a good condition.



With few exceptions our rates are based on the volume your rubbish would take once loaded onto our truck.  Naturally not all garbage is the same. Therefore, the disposal fees will be varying from case to case. Most waste disposal work is priced based on the type of garbage our client has, the weight of the rubbish and how long it takes to load it on our truck. When hauling trash to the landfill in Vancouver we ourselves have to pay disposal fees which are based on the tonnage we bring inside. Also, there are extra fees for such items as drywall and mattresses. For more detailed information, visit our junk removal prices page.



If you live in Vancouver, Burnaby, West Vancouver or North Vancouver, we would like to hear from you.  We also service Port Moody, Coquitlam and New West Minster for larger jobs.

Follow these links to see services for your city:

Junk removal for Vancouver

Junk Removal in North Vancouver

We are also proud to announce that we are doing junk removal for Burnaby as well.



It is very simple. Call us (604-910-7549) or email our company with the questions you have regarding your unwanted garbage. In most cases we will be able to give you a good estimation on how much the total fees will be for your rubbish. If you email us a picture of what you have, we will be able to give you a more precise estimation. Keep in mind that we do not load anything before we give you a final quote. Our quotes include everything (dumping fees + labour fees) unlike some other junk removal companies in Vancouver.  We could even send a representative to look at your junk and give you a better quote. Then an appointment will be scheduled and our team will take it from there.

 How to save money on disposal fees?

This is a question most clients have on their minds. The best way to save on the disposal fees is to allow us to get your rubbish as quickly as possible. Labour in our industry is expensive ($60/h and more), and this is the part that you actually can do yourself. If you take the garbage close to an area on your property where we can get to with our truck, then the savings are significant. We had cases when items had to be carried from the back of a house on a basement level and our team had to be there for over 4 hours. It is easy to see how additional costs can pile up. Feel free to call us and ask us what is the best way to make our services cheaper for you.

Where to throw away my couch?

Our advice is not to do that. Just call us and we will pick up it up for you. No place will take it for free and dumping it at the back of a street is not a nice thing to do. Our services offer couch removal. We take all types of couches accept the ones which have infestations. Donating your furniture is not always an easy task. Most charities will not accept them because they themselves have fear of infestation. The ones that will pick it up, will probably make you wait for weeks and you have to take most of your day off work.

How to get rid of an old mattress in Vancouver?

Just call us. Just like the couch, mattress removal is something that should be carried by a professional company. All mattresses and boxsprings are recycled in Vancouver,Burnaby,North Vancouver,West Vancouver, Coquitlam and New Westminster. Mattress cannot be thrown away as a garbage. Anyone doing that will be fined by the city. If you happen to have the mattress outside your property, please keep it away from the rain. Wet mattresses are difficult to dispose of.

I have some construction waste for disposal

Most construction waste in Vancouver is considered for junk with few exceptions. For example drywall, metal and untreated/unpainted wood is taken for recycling. Due to fears of asbestos, drywall needs to be tested. The city is pretty strict about this rule and fines are close to $10 000. This is understandable since the people working in the landfill are exposed to fumes from the garbage being disposed there.


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